Retrograde Survival Guide

Mercury Retrograde is in full effect and it seems like even the skeptics among us are starting to feel it. Check out our quick list of ways to avoid having a retrograde-induced breakdown (super chill playlist included).


Take Time to Breathe
Mercury rules communication of all forms, including listening, speaking and more. Because of this, it might be easier than usual to get into it with coworkers and friends. During this time, try to take things less seriously and take some time to breathe before responding to something someone said that may have set you off. 

Hold Up On The Blog Launch
As exciting as it can be to jump into something new, it might be best to hold of on launching your latest project.

Double Check That Email
Not all communication is spoken, so be sure to double check your emails and think before you Slack.

Back Up Your Data
Computers and other technology can also be influenced by Mercury, so be sure to back up any important data (and look out for failing databases).

No New Contracts
As you probably already know, retrograde is not a good time to enter into any new contracts or make any major life decisions, so hold of on moving into the new apartment if you can!

Self Care
Are we always looking for an excuse to exercise self care? Yes. Does it make it any less valid? We say no. So throw on a sheet mask, open up some ice cream and give yourself a mani/pedi.

Retrograde will be upon us until August 19th, so check out our playlist we put together to get you through it. Good luck! ♥


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