Welcome to Twin Peaks

Fall is upon us and we’re getting our latest outfit inspiration from the coolest (and creepiest) place we know, Twin Peaks! Think 50s revival 90s filled with saddle shoes, plaid skirts and printed cardigans.

So follow us on a trip through David Lynch’s Pacific Northwest dreamland as we go visit some of our favorite fashion forward citizens (we’ll try to keep it as spoiler-free as possible even though it came out like 25 years ago).

Let’s rock.

The first person on our list takes us up north to One Eyed Jack’s.

While pretty much all of the outfits there are pretty amazing, there is one very specific person that deserves their own place on our list and that would be the bright red haired woman in a studded fringe bra, elbow length gloves, mini skirt and concho belt. Truly iconic.

 Next, we have to discuss Dr. Jacoby. Eccentric psychiatrist by day, fashion icon by night (but also really day too). He is the master of print on print and makes many a bold wardrobe choice such as pairing a tie with a turtleneck (???), wearing wire-framed 3D glasses and (very) high-waisted trousers.

 While Evelyn Marsh isn’t officially a resident of Twin Peaks, we had to include her because she has good hair, great sunglasses and basically personifies the “I’m very rich and I hate my husband/love his money and I may also be a femme fatale” aesthetic which is always a good look in our book.

F yeah, Shelly. Shelly is one of our favorite character in all of Twin Peaks. In addition to great outfits that involve layering sheer blouses, she also looks amazing in just her diner uniform thanks to her bold brows and flawless lip color choices. Truly a 90s goddess.

While Bob is terrifying and is also a horrible monster, you have to admit his denim game goes hard. Also, peep the top button. We’re here for it.

While this list is in no particular order, Josie Packard may possibly be the most fashionable person in Twin Peaks. She has a chic haircut, perfect red lipstick and looks equally as good in one of her silky slips as she does in an oversized cardigan. Josie forever.

We’re a sucker for any boy who pairs a waist flannel with a leather jacket and Bobby Briggs is no exception. While he may be on the football team, he is still the grunge bad boy of our dreams.

While there are a lot of good sweaters in Twin Peaks, we think Lucy may have the best collection going, at least in terms of prints. Aztec, paisley, pullover, cardigan. You name it, she’s got it and we want them all.

Last but certainly not least, you know we had to include Miss Audrey Horne. With her kitten heels, saddle shoes and long skirts is the pretty much epitome of our retro dream girl.


We know there are some people missing from the list, but we tried to do our best to narrow it down (sorry James, Denise and Donna). We hope you’re feeling as inspired as we are and if you’re in the mood for more you’re in luck, because you can watch every episode on Netflix. And don't forget to keep an eye on the shop for our fall sweater drop.

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